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Centre Details:  

The "Villademar" International Residence for the elderly is a newly built private centre which aims to provide all round continuous care to the elderly, staffed by a team of qualified professionals.
  • Who are the centre's clientele? Applicants should be over 60, and may be of any nationality, beliefs or personal circumstances, wishing to live either permanently or temporarily in a centre completely adapted to their needs. The applicants companions may be under 60.

  • What is the centre's capacity? There are 222 places with 95 double rooms and 32 singles. There are also 14 direct observation beds in special units for terminally or seriously ill patients and with places for external clients who come to the Day Centre.

  • What is the layout? Villademar is organised in 4 modules which are architecturally connected but differentiated to facilitate the care and coexistence of the residents. The first module is designed for able-bodied, self sufficient residents without medical staff or psychologists and is suitable for those who require non-permanent, short-term stays. The second and third modules are used for the elderly who need assistance or limited assistance. Finally, the fourth module is designed for severely disabled and chronically sick who need continuous care.

  • How is the centre planned? The team of professionals has all the qualifications, specialisation and experience in the field of Geriatrics, and the construction and organisation of the residence has been meticulously planned in accordance with current legislation, and based on the recommendations of our geriatric care experts.

  • How much does it cost to stay at Villademar? Prices at the residence basically depend on whether the application is for an individual or double room. Prices include all the services provided by the centre, with no surprises or hidden extras at the end of the month. The only supplements are for those who need extra special care or who are severely disabled (5%).
    Costs to be paid separately include hairdressing, telephone calls, requests for specialist consultations (chiropodist, dentist, ophthalmologist etc.) and the use of residence vehicles for private outings, (these depend on each particular case and the availability of both vehicles and professionals).

  • What is the shortest possible stay? The minimum stay is one week.

  • When can you check in? New residents may arrive at our centre from Monday to Friday from 11:30 a.m. to 1.30 p.m. and from 4.30 to 6.30 p.m. Residents may leave the centre on any day of the week provided that they have settled their account with the Management or Administration and that the healthcare personnel have been duly advised of the fact.

  • What documentation is required to check in? Photocopy of national identity document and the original, photocopy and original of Social Security document or card, copy and original of medical report or medical history, list of medicines or treatments currently being received, and written indication of the names and when they are to be administered; photocopy of national identity document or passport of the representative (close family or friend) and also an identity photo of the new resident. The pre-registration form, duly completed, should have been submitted and the day and hour of arrival indicated beforehand.

  • What clothing and personal belongings are recommended for the stay? Five changes of each garment should be provided. We recommend that for those who suffer urine loss or incontinence 10 items of underclothing should be provided on arrival. All the clothing should be clearly marked with the resident's surname to avoid clothes being mislaid in the laundry.

  • How do we pay? Payment may be made within the first 7 days of arriving at the Centre. We recommend that payment is made by standing order and the client's bank account number will be required for this purpose, and clients should also arrange with their bank to authorise regular payments.

  • Do we need to bring medication and incontinence pads? Medication supplies are requested for at least the first seven days, so that the residence will have time to obtain the requisite medicines from the pharmacy. For stays of 1 month or less, incontinence pads should be supplied by the client, (both for day and night time use) sufficient for the duration of their stay. For longer stays, the incontinence pads will be organised by the residence thorough the social security system.

  • Should we bring wheelchairs or other technical aids? Yes, if the resident is not fully mobile on checking in, any mobility needs should be brought them, preferably marked with their name and initials. If the resident becomes dependant on technical aids during their stay at Villademar, the home will arrange both purchase and any assistance provided by Social Security, however these costs will be borne by the resident.

  • What happens if hospitalisation is required? The home organises hospital stays for those persons who need it (including ambulance transport if required) but once this has been arranged, our centre is not responsible for providing any auxiliary carers, the family, or the person indicated in the contract as responsible, shall arrange any other auxiliary care while the resident is in hospital.

  • Can the resident leave the centre? Yes, if personally and physically able to do so and if an evaluation in the form of an initial physical and mental examination indicates that the resident is independent and unlikely to get lost or to be at risk in any other way.

  • Can you bring a car? There are limited parking spaces in the service road behind the residence and these will be allotted in order of application.

  • When does the doctor see a new resident? If the resident checks in on a Friday the doctor will see them on the following Monday. In all other cases the first medical consultation will take place the day after arrival.

  • Are there visiting hours? Visiting hours are every day between 12 and 1 p.m. and from 4 to 8 p.m. This schedule has been devised so that visitors will not disrupt the running of the Centre, although there is some flexibility in special cases.