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Financing your stay:  


There are various funding options for financing your stay at Villademar.

In order to obtain further information, contact management at the centre or email hector.costa@villademar.com.

All the methods are based on the partial or total use of your assets and property.

  • Life annuity contract, this method consists of calculating the present value of a lifetime stay at Villademar. The appropriate portion of assets are then paid to Villademar or whoever it has appointed in this case, ensuring in exchange, Villademar's commitment to provide housing, and to maintain and provide every service to the interested party throughout their lifetime.
    There are several ways of implementing this method, which basically consists of exchanging assets for a lifetime of care, and it can be adapted to the particular circumstances of each individual and basically consists of Donation with Charges and an Annuity Contract.

  • Pension Mortgage Method, this option is only viable with property and consists of a fixed term or life time credit, during which time the finance company pays the monthly payments for Villademar and when the contract ends either through expiry or death of the resident, the heirs may opt for cancelling the debt with the finance company, financing the mortgage during the number of years negotiated with the entity, or leaving the property to the finance company.

  • Conversion to Income of the Revaluation of Property, with this method the financial entity is granted a purchase option for the present value of the property. The finance company then establishes payment of an annuity calculated on the basis of revaluation calculated for the property and the life expectancy of the interested party. Should the party die, his or her heirs may either sell the house and receive only the value stipulated in the option, or maintain the ownership of the property paying the difference between the market value and the value of the option, either in cash or by taking out a mortgage on the property.

For the practical application of any of these methods, Villademar's role would only be to facilitate the procedure. Actuarial, financial calculations and evaluations of the property would be entrusted to accredited professionals with the confidence of all parties involved.